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Are you curious about whether your invention idea is patentable?
Our simple patent evaluation is the starting point for most new clients. What's involved in a patent evaluation? After getting to know you and your goals, we conduct research and analysis so we can discuss your options for patenting. Learn about what's included, the costs, and what you need in order to get started.

At Goldstein Patent Law, we understand the value of your ideas.

That's why we work hard to protect them. Our patent attorneys assist clients in the protection of all forms of intellectual property. Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to establish and finance a start-up venture based on a groundbreaking new product or application, or a corporation looking to protect your IP and your market share, we approach each patent project by first focusing on your goals. Our personalized approach has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners choose and pursue the patent strategy that's right for them.

If your invention or idea is valuable to you, and you are serious about pursuing it, our patent evaluation is critically important for determining whether you can be successful, or might be headed toward spending a great deal of time and money in the wrong direction.

Believe it or not, applying for a patent right away is probably the wrong step for 2 out of 3 inventors.

To figure out which of these groups you are in, we will evaluate what you have and do some careful research, so that we can advise you about what can be done to move your idea forward. With the benefit of the right research, we will determine a strategy for protection that meets your goals and makes the most sense for you.

We pledge to you that after we evaluate your idea, if going forward would not make sense for you, we will tell you to not waste your money. However, if the evaluation reveals several clear options and actions that we can take to proceed with your invention, we will explain your options and work with you to help you take the necessary actions to move your project forward.

There may be many directions you could go with your invention, and choosing the right one depends on a complete understanding of your situation. If you are serious about your idea, you need professional advice to make an educated choice.

What if my idea isn't patentable?

Wouldn't you rather find out now from us, than after spending a lot more time and money by actually applying for a patent, only to have the Patent Office give you the bad news. Getting the right advice now will allow you to spend your money appropriately.

How do I know that it is safe to tell you (or any patent attorney) about my invention?

The fact is, whenever you are dealing with a registered patent attorney, you are guaranteed confidentiality under both state and federal laws. Because of this, you can safely talk about your invention or idea with any registered patent attorney.

If you are ready to do something about your invention, and think our evaluation is probably exactly what you need, call us at (212) 828-7200, or just fill out the form to the right on this page, and let's explore getting started.

We're looking forward to helping you figure out what to do next!

Richard Goldstein

Richard founded Goldstein Patent Law nearly two decades ago. From major corporations to individual inventors, he has provided custom IP strategies and legal representation to thousands of clients nationwide. Richard's efforts have resulted in more than 1,500 issued patents.

Richard contributes a monthly column to the American Bar Association webzine, "Law Practice Today," on topics pertaining to leadership and law practice management, and writes a blog about leadership, personal development, and marketing practices. He also delivers workshops and training seminars in business, sales, and leadership topics throughout the United States.

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About 13 years ago I had an idea that I didn't know what to do with. I went to a Patent and Trademark seminar which is where I met Richard Goldstein. From that point on Richard took care of everything. He took the time to understand my ideas and the application of these ideas and prepared the applications to submit to the United States Patent Office. He has successfully submitted and secured 5 United States Patents and 1 Trademark and all with the first submittal to the United States Patent Office. These Patents still stand today and are unbeatable in contents. He continues to maintain these Patents and also continues to provide the same level of service as he provided in the beginning. I would recommend Richard Goldstein for any service he may offer. Thank you Richard for all your help.

Patents #5,661,929, #6,315,026, #6,739,330, #6,748,941, #6,807,787, Trademark "STYRO-loc"

Steve Ross
Foam Concepts, Inc.

The patents that you have prosecuted for me helped launch my very first product, the Tonytail. The Tonytail was a simple ponytail holder that now sells approximately one million units per year in stores throughout the world. My first patented invention helped me grow a single product company into a company with an entire line of hair accessories and other beauty products. In the course of enforcing my patent rights against competitors, other intellectual patent attorneys have complimented on how broad my patent application was written. I have always appreciated how available you have been, throughout my career, to answer my questions and give me advice. Having you as my patent attorney has been an important part of my success.

Mia Minnelli Kaminski
The Tonytail Company, Inc.

Mr. Goldstein, I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did putting together such a strong patent for my Eyeglass Locator (United States Patent No. 5,949,516). I know of two instances where other companies were interested in duplicating my product and tried to break my patent, but gave up after their patent attorneys told them it was pointless. I now have my Eyeglass Locator on the market and it's a dream come true. Again, I want to thank you for the great job.

Clarence McCurdy
Eyewhere Inc

Dear Mr. Goldstein, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for handling my patent process. Your service, response, and dedication, made the filing process easy for me. Both patents you recorded for me seemed to have gone smoothly, and when there was a need, you solved the problem. Thanks to your dedication my patent #6612615, is protected, and my business is growing safely.

Eldad Dimand
Eddie Dimand, CEO